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my journey

key milestones


dec 2021

premiere gallery exhibition and screening of the prints and documentary on the Delmar Divide "A Tale of One City" (alongside Sam Pensiero & Jacob Greengo)

feb 2022

awarded "the social dilemma storyteller impact award," earning mentorship & grant funding from the Netflix production team to create the documentary "our subscription to addiction"

Innovation Challenge Winner of The Social Dilemma Grant.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 12.44.52 AM.png
IMG_3569 2.JPG

first ever viewing in off-campus gallery for the "one question.  your answer" series & "A Tale of One City"

march 2022

may 2022

featured on CBS for digital wellbeing activism as part of their series "Are the Kids All Right?: The Internet" 

june 2022

lobbying in Sacramento for upcoming California legislation on tech regulation (alongside activists Emma Lembke and Larissa May)

july 2022

behind the scenes of my first ever studio rental for production of the upcoming doc "our subscription to addiction"

august 2022

filming #HalfTheStory's first ever Times Square billboard - a monumental achievement for the digital wellbeing effort

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